Healing Sanctuary

Thursday, February 18–22, 9am–6pm, ECO-SYSTM, A resting place to relax, rest, rejuvenate and recharge. We invite you to practice balance, self-care and the wisdom of wellness in real time during a vibrant conference experience. The Healing Sanctuary will house: Inspiration Campaign’s photo booth experience, massages and other modalities by Mac Murphy and the team of practitioners he has curated, meditation, yoga classes, crystal bowl and gong sound healing concerts, and other experiential invitations into balance and self-care practices.

Healing Sanctuary is Sponsored By
ECO-SYSTM is an eco-conscious coworking community located at 540 Howard St. in the heart of the SOMA district of San Francisco. Our mission is to invest in the sustainable growth of our members by redefining the conventional shared workspace and focusing on a holistic approach to professional development.  By providing an environment that enhances the business acumen, creativity, health, enjoyment, and social consciousness of our members ECO-SYSTM will help unlock the full potential of each individual so that they can contribute to the culture of tomorrow.

At the Healing Sanctuary!!

Inspiration Campaign Photo Experience

Robert is a fine-art commercial photographer, installation artist, and the founder of Inspiration Campaign. In 2008 Robert began producing art to invite participation, self-reflection, and support people on their journeys of self-discovery. Following a series of four interactive art installations, in 2012 he started Inspiration Campaign as a social vision to make the world more beautiful, inside and out. Through a process of bringing individuals together, nothing-for-sale advertising is created to provide simple, meaningful moments in the community to inspire the human spirit. People-power… to empower people. Click here to learn more about Inspiration Campaign. To learn more about Robert and see his creations, visit him on his website.

At community outreach events, Inspiration Campaign has taken submitting messages to a new level. Where professional photography + what inspires you = inspiration for the world!


Richard Art Felix

IF Wisdom and Mindfulness resonate with you and inspire you into creative, personal, professional, and or entrepreneurial action-
Come share your inspirations, collaborate, and create together on the ArtIsMobilUs’ Wisdom Action ArtWall   from  9am–6pm, in the Wisdompreneur’s / Wisdom 2.0  Healing Sanctuary Space at ECO-SYSTM, 540 Howard St, San Francisco, from February 18–22.   ArtIsMobilUs is a rolling art gallery and roving arts incubator bringing art to people everywhere providing physically mobile platforms for exhibition, creative collaboration, and community engagement.

Space Holders
Mac Murphy
Mac Murphy was born into this life with a mission. Mothered and fathered by Dulce and Michael Murphy, He has been immersed into the inner workings of the human potential movement that was activated at Esalen and in San Francisco. Today Mac is weaving and embodying various Shamanic traditions with Elemental Warrior training, gender work and grounded bodywork. Mac Murphy’s bodywork expresses the practice of Esalen Massage, Asian Healing Modalities, Energy Work and self discovery. Through years of experience in working with the human body to heal, relax, release and transform, Mac Murphy has innovated his own style of touch, as an artist would have their unique signature. His work is a subtle dance between the practitioner and client, stemming from a present grounded place, active listening and sensing of the body’s pulses and rhythms, responding with compassionate strength. In recent years, Mac has lead teams of bodyworkers and healers at several festivals including Enchanted Forest Gathering. He is a passionate community builder and connector of people. He is looking forward to holding space at the Healing Sanctuary
Ariana Satayathum
Ariana Satayathum would probably not say this about herself, her humility is only surpassed by her beauty, no wait, it’s her brain, no wait it’s her heart, no wait… As the Creative Architect of Wisdompreneurs SHIFT2016 event series, the Healing Sanctuary, and other upcoming WP experiences, I and Wisdompreneurs see Ariana as a true Creative Director and Goddess of Ceremonies. Ariana is a design alchemist. Her ability to not only transform space but to also create unique experiences is truly revolutionary. Ariana can create or redefine any arena to match the intended vision be it contemporary, sensual, traditional, spiritual or… No matter the call, her work results in a vibrant and novel mosaic, embodying the very essence of the desired experience; one that entices and engages all of our senses. Ariana is also a master in the art of co-creation. Dancing beautifully between the lines of bringing her client’s vision to life or designing their vision through her mastery as an active listener and visionary of what is being called forward. Her designs come from the heart and soul of a true artist, one that is grounded in nature and whose vision and creation emerges from the ground of her being.

Skylar Wilson
Skylar Wilson, M.A. is an emergent leader in the process of cultural awakening currently taking place on our planet. The transformational experiences in which he collaborates have ranged from intimate wilderness expeditions to participatory workshops and large inter-cultural gatherings in cities around the country. He founded Wild Awakenings, LLC in 2012 as a platform to practice the art of re-wilding our communities through ‘Self-World Awareness,’ cosmological individuation, dance, play, fasting, council, and the practice of loving presence.  He works closely with Rev. Matthew Fox and has directed the Cosmic Mass ritual for the past three years in the Bay Area and beyond.

Bhavani Werning
Bhavani is growing her practice in the bay area, where she is leading group sessions and meditation classes. Her work is influenced by the Gestalt Practice with focus on what is happening now (process) rather than on what is being discussed (content), emphasizing what is being thought and felt in the moment.  Bhavani trained at Tribal Ground in Aptos with Christine Price and Dorothy Charles, as well as the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, and a variety of schools and modalities in Germany and the Canary Islands. In her work as a facilitator she emphasizes supporting authenticity, acceptance and aliveness.

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Dr. Amelia Hardwick
What is your intention for Shift 2016?  Your deepest heart’s desire for the future? Bring your vision for yourself, your business, and community to Dr. Amelia’s Sonic Sound Bath and raise the vibration of your intentions for this revolutionary Shift in your paradigm this momentous year.  Manifestation comes to fruition from vibrational energy.  The high frequency of Dr. Amelia’s celestial sound bath of planetary gongs and Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing bowls are the juice needed to rocket your intentions to reality.  The high frequency of sound waves allow us to release lower energies and emotions giving space for our true intention and awareness to come forth.  Bring a journal/paper, writing apparatus, cushion, yoga mat and your amazing self to step into your Wisdom weekend as your best self. Meditation is the state of non-distraction but many of us when trying to cultivate a regular meditation practice, think good luck with THAT!  Distraction is the root of our suffering and problems. Meditation is a wonderful path to liberation from racing thoughts and stress, and the royal road to the end of separation from the true nature of themselves and mind, which is peace and love.  BUT, too many people find trying to quiet their minds a daunting task and give up because “they can’t do it” which is a very common complaint from people. Dr. Amelia teaches Tibetan open eyed meditation and uses sound healing tools to assist in this process so that everyone can benefit from the process.  Using gongs and the highest quality Crystal Tones Alchemy singing bowls she finds her participants can drop into this what seems to be this allusive calm state of mind and finally come home to their hearts and true nature.  Come and sit, enjoy the sound bath and meet your true self!! Offerings:  45 minute gong or Crystal Tones consultation to find the perfect sound healing tool for yourself.  $100 and if you buy a crystal tones alchemy bowl you can use it towards your purchase. Personal Sound Healing Bath with Paiste and Menle Planetary Gongs and Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowls.  30 minutes $60 BOOK NOW! Dr. Amelia “Amy” Hardwick is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of California. She has worked in the mental health field almost 20 years. She attended undergraduate school at the University of Southern California, where she majored in Business and Psychology. She has her master’s degree in psychology from Pepperdine University and her doctorate in clinical psychology from a specialized school for psychology in Los Angeles. For More information go to: DrAmelia.com/

Karma Moffett
Karma Moffett, master artist of healing sounds through Tibetan Bowls, Bells, Conch Shells, and Longhorns. His shows are not your ordinary experience, but rather “ceremonies,” journeys of elevating consciousness, which work throughout the body temple and the spirit on a path to healing. Discover true serenity with pure sound tones and harmonics that inspire an effortless state of meditation. Ringing his handmade attuned Bell Set, including exquisite Singing Bowls, Hand Bells and Tingsha Cymbals, Karma’s group soulful sessions produce a clarity of sound vibration with a harmonizing healing effect.

Jessica Babcock
I consider giving massage my way of sharing a gift I have with the world. I sense with my hands & practice the art of presence with the skill of intuitive touch so that I can work effectively with the incredible range of unique body types & system patterns that arrive on my table. My education includes Swedish, Esalen, and Thai massage as well as in depth study of deep bodywork and I’ve touched into cranial-sacral 1 as well as the subtle modality of Feldenkrais spinal awareness. During a session I individually tailor the threads of my education into a tapestry of intention to best serve the individual on my table. I feel deeply honored to have the opportunity to dance with you in this realm. BOOK NOW!

Dr. Natalie Metz
My goal is to help you identify and remove obstacles to cure, be they habits or thought processes that stand in the way of your healing process. I can teach you how diet, lifestyle choices, and self-care practices can dramatically influence your health for the better. By deeply listening to your health concerns and goals, I will develop a therapeutic relationship with you that enables us to become true partners on your journey to wellness. Dr. John Bastyr, a grandfather of Naturopathic Medicine, has been attributed with saying that Physical Medicine is a Naturopathic Doctor’s most therapeutic remedy, because it involves putting one’s hands on the patient, and that touch in its purest essence is healing. I was trained in orthopedic assessment of the body, manual soft tissue therapies, and skeletal manipulation, as well as healing touch and chakra balancing. These modalities are effective for helping the physical and energetic bodies to maintain proper alignment and function, to relieve stress and pain, and promote relaxation. This treatment combines head to toe orthopedic assessment with energy work, massage, and skeletal manipulation to support all aspects of body, mind, and soul. drnataliemetz

Mahala Mazerov

In 1989, Mahala sustained a traumatic brain injury while teaching. After 8 hours in the ER, she experienced a near death vision of shimmering beauty. Ahead of her lay 7 years of hospital rehabilitation and a continuing cascade of loss and grief.
In her search for meaning she encountered Tibetan monks creating a sand mandala. Their vibration led to deep inquiry into the nature of love, compassion, and wisdom.
Through the years, Mahala has been blessed to study and go into retreat with Buddhist teachers of exceptional awakening. She is part of the first generation of teachers to receive Dharma transmissions directly from enlightened Tibetan masters and offer them in the west.
Living the wholeness of her vision, she teaches heart meditation practices for the benefit of all beings.
Visit TaraRising.vision for information about online and on-location retreats.
Mahala will be teaching at 1pm on Thursday.

Sam Sadin
Sam Sadin, CMT, RYT, has helped hundreds of people feel more at home in their own bodies through his skillful application of therapeutic massage and yoga. He has a broad understanding of body mechanics and postural dysfunction and specializes in applying deep tissue massage, myofascial release, and Thai Yoga massage and Asana to relieve pain, increase athletic performance, and promote a greater state of well-being.  Sam’s yoga teaching weaves together a deep understanding of how the body moves and how important focusing the mind and breath are to the relaxation response. To find out more about Sam, please visit his website: www.samsadin.massagetherapy.com BOOK NOW!

Jordanna Glueckauf

Jordanna spent the last several years training in Esalen massage and deep bodywork at the Esalen Institute under the tutelage of several masterful practitioners. Esalen massage is a fusion of mind, body and spirit and promotes a deep sense of integration and wholeness through its signature long and flowing strokes. With a nurturing and intuitive touch, she integrates a wide variety of techniques (deep bodywork, passive joint mobilization, Trager method, gentle stretching, and energy work) to provide a maximally therapeutic session, custom-tailored to your specific needs.  Her clients come away from the session with greater functional mobility, feeling more embodied and energetically balanced long after the session has ended. BOOK NOW!

Nikki Kurtz

Nikki helps you to transcend your own body and travel off into the cosmos while she is gently and intuitively working with your body.”
Whether you are coming in for relaxing massage or injury rehabilitation massage; Nikki uses her heart, hands and ears to listen and meet your specific needs.  She combines deep tissue techniques with slow integrative massage strokes to relax your nervous system and create space for the body to do its own healing.

Nikki is known for releasing lower back pain, hip stiffness, neck tightness and internal jaw work for TMJ.

Please see her website for more information: www.BodyCuriosity.com

Firestar is a certified Licensed Massage Therapist (Cert#60985), Reiki Master Healer & Teacher, Spiritual Guidance Counselor and Intuitive. She has been providing Massage Therapy and Healing services for 24 years. Her approach is integrative and based on the individual needs of her clients. She is able to intuit where an imbalance is occurring and provides guidance and tools to restore you back to wholeness. Her ultimate goal is to help you feel healthy, vital and empowered. BOOK NOW! Web: Firestarbodywork.com

Sundar Sanchez

Sundar holds a Doctorate Degree in Medical Qigong Therapy from the International Institute of Medical Qigong, the overseas Medical Qigong College of the Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, (China). He underwent exceptional academicals and clinical training and he was licensed as a Clinical Doctor of Medical Qigong Therapy and Doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine DTCM by the People Republic of China’s Ministry of Health.

Sundar was accepted as a 65th Generation Dizi or disciple of the Tian Shi Sect of Zheng-Yi Daoist tradition. His dedication and hard work got him to being ordained as a Daoist priest 1st “Lu” at over 900 years old Daoist Monastery, Long Hu San, Jiang Xi, China in a very auspicious day 11/11/11, November 11th 2011. He obtained his 2nd “Lu” at the same monastery November 25th 2015.

I will be offering Acupuncture, medical qigong & massage (adaptable from light flow to deep, & trauma-injuries). Sundar Sanchez L. Ac, DMQ, DTCM Be Blessed with Gratitude!!!


Eric Monkhouse
Thai Massage is an ancient therapy that combines assisted yoga poses with applied pressure using hands, elbows, knees and feet to rebalance energy flow within the body.  In 2000 Eric visited Thailand for 3 months and studied the northern, more relaxing style in Chaing Mai and the southern, more energetic style in Wat Po, Bangkok.   Eric ends the private session with a didgeridoo sound bath, often resulting in an extraordinary deep relaxation response. Browse his website for more information on his private practice, events and retreats: www.ericmonkhouse.com BOOK NOW!

Michael Feldman
Michael Feldman has been teaching people to feel better since 1988, specializing in treating postural imbalances, resolving acute and chronic pain, and restoring health through education, movement, and manual therapy. His passion for bridging the mind-body connection and out-of-the-box thinking sets him apart. Michael has certifications from the Rolf Institute, Pilates, CrossFit, MELT Method and a variety of Osteopathic trainings and leads classes and workshops nationwide. MikesBodyShop BOOK NOW!

Ed Rockowitz
I offer Injury Assessments & Evaluations in Oakland California. I treat both athletes and non-athletes through fully clothed bodywork treatments using ART, (Active Release Techniques), Myofacial Trigger Point Techniques, and PNF, (assisted/resisted stretching) to help treat and prevent both acute and chronic muscular and skeletal injuries. My work is deep, engaging and very effective in breaking up adhesions along muscle and nerve entrapment sites as well as increasing mobility. BOOK NOW!

Kristel Allen

Kristel is a Somatic Psychotherapist and Esalen trained bodyworker. She will be offering both table work and personal work in the case that you would like to explore Somatic psychotherapy, or the potentials of relational or personal counseling.

Her bodywork style is deep and grounded in the ethos that sessions are a practice of receptivity.  You will be met with presence, depth and ease.

If you and/or a colleague are struggling in the way that you negotiate, discuss matters, or need some tending to how you are approaching your business relationships, Kristel offers relational consulting and individual therapy that can deepen and strengthen the bonds at the heart of which your business is build upon.
If you would like to read more about her work, please visit her website at kristelallen

Adam Baraz
Adam Baraz, founder of Samadhi Bodywork, is a somatic healer who specializes in helping people heal and deeply transform their nervous systems.  Samadhi Bodywork integrates Somatic Experiencing Bodywork, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and the practice of Non-Dual Awareness to support clients in opening and embodying their deepest human potential. For Transformational Healing Sessions visit: www.Samadhibodywork.com BOOK NOW!

Toni Campbell
I have been practicing the art of massage therapy since 2012. I release deep tension, and trauma inside the body. Connecting the mental, physical, and energetic parts. I integrate many techniques for your unique session. My detailed techniques range from Deep Tissue with Myofascial Release, and Structural Integration, which I mix with Thai and Acupressure massage. I also have a deep understanding of Swedish massage, Lomilomi, and energetic work with Polarity therapy, which balances the electromagnetic waves in the body. All these bring a sense off balance, circulation, and nourishment to the body, mind, and soul.  Currently I’m training in Cranial Sacral therapy and I run my own massage practice throughout the Bay area.                                     Happy Healing! BOOK NOW!

Miranda Dalton
Miranda is a certified flower essence practitioner, yoga teacher and Pilates instructor with a focus in rehabilitation through functional movement.  She has been teaching for over 15 years and has travelled around the world facilitating retreats, workshops and Yoga Teacher Trainings.  Her practice, The Authentic Body, combines the vibrational healing properties of flower essences with simple movement re-patterning.  The results are a lightness of body and spirit. Her knowledge of the body and underlying variables is vast. Her approach is joyful, sincere and profound. theauthennticbody


Permission Yoga with Eric Monkhouse

Experience a rare opportunity to awaken the mystery. Blindfolds (optional) are used to engage the dark recesses of our body-psyche and through progressive stages liberate a new felt sense of space, freedom and spontaneity. Eric uses the deep vibrations of electronic music, didgeridoo and harmonium to enhance the journey inward. We stay on the mat and no balance poses are suggested if there is fear of falling over. Suitable for all levels – basic understanding of poses is helpful, but not required.

11:00 AM to 12:15 PM (Feb,20 2016 )

Soul Motion™ Movement Practice with Nikki Kurtz

Come nourish your soul, sweat out what is no longer necessary, let go into being, drop into the sacredness of our humanness and explore playful connections! Soul Motion™ designed by Vinn Arjuna Martí is a practice of the everyday, a space where we come together to dance, to explore our connection to Self, to others, to our community and to move with the magic of life beyond understanding.  Using guided movement inquiries, embodied curiosity, subtle sensing we will co-create a space to dive deep into playfulness, compassion, authentic relating and the magic of being human.

02:00 PM to 03:15 PM (Feb,20 2016)

MELT Method with Michael Feldman

The MELT Method® (MELT®) is a simple self-treatment that reduces chronic pain and helps you stay healthy, youthful, and active for a lifetime. New research has revealed the missing link to pain-free living: a balanced nervous system and healthy connective tissue. MELT restores the health and vitality of the connective tissue using specialized balls and a ‘soft’ foam roller. It is ‘Self-Massage’! Learn to feel better now and get out of pain!

02:00 PM to 03:30 PM (Feb,19 2016)

Restorative Yoga with Jessica Fagan

The intention of all that I do is to help others find a deeper sense of embodiment, presence
and joy within themselves. Soft restorative postures to encourage lengthening and nourishment of the body, come restore yourself.

10:00 AM to 11:15 AM (Feb,21 2016)

Support and Check-in with Bhavani Werning

The invitation is to take time for yourself and practice presence centered awareness.Taking a break from our busy lives to check in with ourselves. How am I doing this very moment? What am I noticing? My noticing may include sensation, emotion, thought, sound, smell and taste. This is an invitation to connect with ourselves and others in a safe space. The invitation is to show up as we are.  No need for us to change or fix anything. No need to perform or be a certain way.

12:00 PM to 01:15 PM (Feb,21 2016)

Medical Qigong with Sundar Sanchez

Medical Qigong is a mind-body practice that improves one’s mental and physical health by integrating postures, movement, breathing techniques, and focused intention. Medical Qigong balances the energy flow (Chi) throughout the body realigning the electromagnetic energy, which surrounds and pervades all the body’s channels in living creatures.

02:00 PM to 03:15 PM (Feb,21 2016 )

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