A gathering of leaders and emerging leaders of tribes.
San Francisco Bay Area – February 17, 18, & 19
Shift2016 is packed with three days of events designed to help you recognize, embody, and actualize the shift you seek. Hosted by Wisdompreneurs, Shift2016 is geared to inspire, challenge, support, and bring together this growing network of entrepreneurs, executives, wisdom practitioners, and social visionaries. If you’re excited about how this new and emerging economy can serve the awakening of humanity – then Shift2016 is for you.
Shift2016 is 3 Days of Amazing Events:

Wednesday, February 17th

Thursday, February 18th

Friday, February 19th

  • Co-Founder Fireside Chat
  • Keynotes and Presentations
  • Book Pre-Launch: The Wise Entrepreneur
  • Wisdompreneurs Resource Showcase
  • Deep Dive Networking & Evening Celebration

Shifting the Paradigm – FOR REAL.

Wisdom 2.0 Intensive:

As one of Wisdom 2.0‘s two Intensives, this Day Long focuses on the intersection of wisdom practices and entrepreneurship, inviting participants to embark on a collective journey while addressing their specific interests through one of nine pathways.

Check out this remarkable team of catalysts & contributors:

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Examine existing paradigms. Explore and embrace a collective shift.

Get in on this unified call to action!

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Shift2016: Launch & Vision!

Keynotes, Vision, Resources Showcase, Book Prelaunch & Networking

Wednesday, February 17th. 6:30pm – 11pm. Galvanize, 44 Tehama San Francisco, CA. An exciting curation of keynotes and presentations revealing the landscape, potentials, and visionary hope for this emerging movement of Wisdompreneurs. This opening event is designed to be an inspirational reveal of the Wisdompreneur landscape featuring provocative keynote presentations and “hero stories” from the field.   Book prelaunch celebration and Wisdom Publishing conversation Wisompreneurs is working on our first publication – The Wise Entrepreneur: Daily Resources to Increase Your Impact, Success and Sense of Meaning. We will talk about the book hear from some of it’s contributors and discuss the state of the Wisdom Publishing world. (A crowd-sourced compilation of daily practices including authors like: Soren GordhamerChip ConleyJoan BorysenkoShamash Alidina, among others).   This evening event will also feature fun refreshments, music, celebration, and opportunities for deep networking as this rich community comes together in a vibrant physical space.

Also Featured at Shift2016 Launch & Vision:

Fireside Chat with Wisdompreneurs Cofounders:

Keynote Presentation

Paul Zelizer

Paul Zelizer

Chief Weirdness Officer at Wisdompreneurs

Alison Raby

Alison Raby

Co-Founder, CTO and Chief Alchemist at Wisdompreneurs

Sasha Allenby

Sasha Allenby

CEO of Wisdompreneurs Publishing


Nick Jankel

Nick Jankel

Creator of Breakthrough Biodynamics

Nick is a business, social & leadership breakthrough expert and the creator of Breakthrough Biodynamics, a theory and toolset for creating and sustaining positive change in any human system… LEARN MORE

Shift2016 Launch & Vision


Inclusion 2.0

An evening dive in partnership with Tech Inclusion

Thursday, February 18th. 6pm – 9:30pm. Automattic, 132 Hawthorne St, San Francisco, CA 94107. An evening exploration weaving together concepts and systems that advance the wisdom of inclusion in the business world the world at large. Together we will explore how Inclusion, Wisdom, and Tech, can be seen not as three disparate operations of a business or organization, but rather, a single extract that organically creates a thriving brand, healthy bottom line, vibrant work force and connected world. Our time together is an invitation to cultivate increased awareness and expanding choice – thereby facilitating the possibility of practicing true inclusion. Through a combination of panel discussions, group activities, keynote speakers, interviews, fireside chats and networking opportunities, our day will be both didactic and experiential. While we will offer content driven educational and practical tools, empowering participants to move the needle in every aspect of their lives, we will also facilitate a mutually beneficial, cross learning frame that is crowd sourced and community based. Discover more about this event at Inclusion 2.0.

Inclusion 2.0 Catalysts & Contributors: 

Melinda Briana Epler

Melinda Briana Epler

CEO of Change Catalyst

Wayne Sutton

Wayne Sutton

General Partner at BUILDUP

Sumayyah Emeh Edu

Sumayyah Emeh Edu

VP of Strategy and Programming for Tech Inclusion

Alison Raby

Alison Raby

Co-Founder, CTO and Chief Alchemist at Wisdompreneurs


Inclusion 2.0


The Path of the Wisdompreneur

Shifting the Paradigm. For Real.

Friday, February 19th. 9am – 5pm. Part of Wisdom 2.0’s “Wisdom Week”. Advent Software, 600 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA 91403. Throughout time, wisdom guides have taught that the most powerful resource we have is our attention.  In modern life, most adults spend the majority of our waking hours earning our livelihood.  So our work is the largest concentration of this precious resource.  Fortunately, there is a global explosion of interest in waking up at work, in finding or creating work that is based on our values and sense of purpose.

Wisdompreneurs is on the leading edge of this intersection of a transformational and entrepreneurial mindset.  Over the past 3 years, we’ve built a global community of over 12,000 people and launched local communities in cities around the world focused on helping values based entrepreneurs increase their effectiveness through the incorporation of wisdom and emotional intelligence in the lives and their organizations.  We also help wisdom based practitioners increase their success in business.

Now, we are calling to together the leaders and emerging leaders of this movement for a gathering called Shift 2016: Shifting the Paradigm.  The events take place over a 3 day period – February 17th-19th.  They are designed to increase capacity to grow wisdom based businesses, enhance our ability to create truly inclusive organizations and deepen the sense of community among people working to leverage the power of conscious entrepreneurship for positive impact.  You can come for one event or the entire 3 days.

We invite you to join us.  Your voice matters.



Pathway I (No longer Available)

Awakening Creative Potential – Unearthing New Horizons

Many of today’s business leaders and brands are leveraging creativity to gain ingenuity and innovation. How do we: cultivate and sustain creative potential; transcend troubling business obstacles; create collaboration with the other members of our team, organization, and brand? In the exciting world of exponential technologies people are doing amazing things. But powerful creation is not only about doing. It’s about being. It’s who you are and what story you are telling in the doing of your life and work. Powerful creating is about cultivating certain attributes that facilitate a connection to the world, to your team and to your own personal source. I’ve identified five key attributes, or Creative Keys, used by exceptional creators to maintain a deep connection to their creative mastery:

  • Creators Believe: They know how to hold a thought. To tell a compelling story that others can feel.
  • Creators Iterate: They trust the unfolding process of an upward spiral of creation.
  • Creators Collaborate: Because the fastest accelerant to excellence is generous collaboration.
  • Creators Risk: A powerful creator knows that risk is a welcome opportunity for exponential growth.
  • Creators Complete: Completions are the rungs that support a creators rise.

Catalysts & Contributors: Dave Zaboski and Team

Dave Zaboski picked up a crayon as a child and never put it down, dedicating his life to the creative arts. As a Senior Animator with Disney, Sony and Warner Bros… LEARN MORE

Pathway II

Wisdom at Work – Love in Business

Are you yearning for more connection, wisdom and whole-heartedness in your workplace? Do you believe that your business – whether global corporate, edgy entrepreneurial start-up or solopreneur enterprise – would thrive more if the people within it can be fully themselves, expressing their love for life, for other people and for the planet without shame? It can be deeply challenging and feel very risky to be fully open-hearted, fully ourselves, whether in corporate cubicles, new client meetings or boardroom sessions; yet business wasn’t always so cold, abstract and detached and there is no reason it has to remain so. Come experience how we can all unashamedly bring more heart into our business; and how to safely free ourselves from business “front” which disconnects us from others and limits our creativity. We shall explore, how we can work together as a network to recalibrate business so it is no longer an activity that cares only for revenues and ROI… and is as interested in people showing up as the lovable and loving leaders we really are. As Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. both knew, love is the only thing that can change anything for good. So let’s change the very heart of business with naked passion for disruptive creativity and positive change; and deep compassion for our fellow workers, citizens, consumers and ecologies.

Catalysts & Contributors: Nick Seneca Jankel and Jean-Pierre Brind’Amour

Nick Seneca Jankel is a business, social & leadership breakthrough expert and the creator of Breakthrough Biodynamics, a theory and toolset for creating and sustaining positive change in any human system. It unifies cutting-edge science with… LEARN MORE

As a creative market strategist, Mr. Brind’Amour has worked with a broad range of industries including airline, SaaS software, real estate development, digital ad agencies, architecture and private health care. He has impacted projects with recognized brands including… LEARN MORE

Pathway III

Where the Rubber Meets the Road – Business Acumen in the Wisdom Economy

While Wisdompreneurs generally have a plethora of heart, creativity and intention, they sometimes lack the bare bones and brass tacks necessary to successfully run and scale a business venture. What basic tools and best practices are essential to the success of our businesses?  How do we cultivate awareness regarding our blind spots in business, success and money? How do we change the wisdom economy mindset to embrace a model of thriving and surviving?  What resources are currently available to help new and existing entrepreneurs? How do we stay playful and inspired in the midst of the reality of starting, growing, running a business? How do we scale and stay aligned to the soul of our business? Catalysts & Contributors: Michael Pottern and Team

Michael Pottern has been an entrepreneur his whole life. At the age of 12, he created a popular Bulletin Board Service in Colorado to help people with similar technology interests to meet and… LEARN MORE

Mark Nicolson is a white man of considerable class privilege who was born and raised in England. He is a seeker who never gives up on himself or others in their quest for wholeness and aliveness. No stranger to pain and the effects of repression… LEARN MORE

Pathway IV

Wisdom, Empathy and Inclusion – Laying the Foundation for Transformational Change

In a safe, comfortable environment, we will explore diversity and inclusion by working to Build an Inclusive Mindset and then working to Develop an Inclusive Culture. We’ll explore what diversity and inclusion are, why they matter, and how they affect us, our businesses, and our communities. We’ll also learn to recognize and understand our own biases – we all have them! – and learn some ways to process our biases before we act. Each of us will create a strategy for bringing others with us down this inclusive path – whether it’s your team, your company, your family or your community. Intrapraneurs and entrepreneurs alike will come away with a better understanding of your own path toward inclusion, and how you can bring inclusive change to those around you.

Catalysts & Contributors: Melinda Briana Epler, Wayne Sutton, Sumayyah Emeh-Edu

Wayne Sutton is a serial entrepreneur and general partner at BUILDUP. Wayne has over 14 years experience in technology, design and business development. Wayne was recently recognized as… LEARN MORE

Melinda Briana Epler catalyzes positive social and environmental change through business model innovation, culture and behavior change, brand experience design and…  LEARN MORE

Sumayyah Emeh-Edu has almost 15 years’ experience within the K12, Higher Education and Corporate sectors directing diversity and professional development objectives. Serving in a variety of… LEARN MORE

Pathway V

True Profit – The Path Towards Social Impact

A venture grounded in wisdom strives to increase the positive social impact of it’s activity. Social impact is a healthy bi-product of a successful and profitable venture (when funds can then be donated and directed towards beneficiary endeavors). A venture designed from a place of presence can positively impact local and/or global societies through it’s day to day business model. Each of us has a perception of social impact that influences the path we take towards affecting social impact. What factors are important when designing projects and initiatives that are also in alignment with our brand, our vision and sense of purpose? How do we insure that our efforts are exacerbating a situation or negatively impacting the very communities we are hoping to help? How can a focus on social impact be a direct contribution to our bottom line? As the economy evolves, these types of ventures – which marry a profitable model with the solution to our social challenges of the day – have a new seat of electric support, rapid growth, and catalyzing impact. Catalyst & Contributor: Andrew Hewitt and Greg Berry

Andrew Hewitt is the Founder of GameChangers 500, an organization that shines the spotlight on the world’s top For-Benefit businesses. Considered an alternative to lists like the Fortune 500, GameChangers 500 looks beyond revenue as the… LEARN MORE

Greg Berry is a visionary, global connector and producer of transformational experiences. For three decades, he has been a serial, positive-impact-focused entrepreneur. During the past five years… LEARN MORE


Jessica Hansen is the Global Engagement & Education Manager for Kiva, the world’s largest online microfinance platform with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. [LEARN MORE]

Pathway VI


Awakening. What? Awakening in organizations and awakening entrepreneurship…is this even possible with our large disengagement, our broken relationships at work and the large percentages of businesses that fail within the first decade? Yes, it is. Learn from Catherine, the business research, wisdom traditions, and practical know how which are all pointing us in the right direction. Catherine will outline some practices to lead us towards awakening in organizations, and then Kent Brown and Catherine Bell, will discuss what their entrepreneurial journeys have been, and how they have done it together.

Introducing this pathway, Aaron P Kahlow will quaint us with sustainable practices that support individuals and organizations both personally and professionally and builds to create a new type of “life warrior”: one that mindfully leads with great courage, compassion and presence. By placing emphasis on “hard work” and “success” as leading to wealth and business accomplishment, we have failed to create an appropriate hierarchy of prioritization that emphasizes health, balance, peace of mind and sustainable happiness: Also the keys to being a leader with clarity, grace and true authenticity.

Catalysts & Contributors: Catherine Bell, Kent Brown, Aaron P Kahlow


Catherine Bell is the author of the revolutionary new business book The Awakened Company. Her book was a best seller one week after its release… LEARN MORE


Kent Brown is an entrepreneur and leader in renewable energy. He has been in the renewable power sector for over 15 years. He co-founded BluEarth Renewables Inc. in 2010 and was President & CEO… LEARN MORE


Leveraging 15 years of building community and building education-based organizations, Aaron is paving the way toward living with greater presence, purpose, and compassion (e.g. happiness) through a modern-day mindfulness practice. As a syndicated columnist, passionate motivator… LEARN MORE


Pathway VII

Claiming Your Path – Living Your Purpose

Are you ready to claim a fuller expression of your purpose and impact in the world? Do you feel a yearning to distill and amplify your purpose so that it better reflects all of what you are here to give? You’re not alone! Join our community of conscious entrepreneurs, fellow travelers, and influencers to explore our individual edges and collective emergence on the beautiful yet messy journey to find and fulfill our purpose. In our time together, we will learn new tools to tap into inner wisdom and intuition; experience our synchronicity and interconnectedness as a tribe of Wisdompreneurs to nurture collaboration and mutual support; and build physical and virtual communities to deepen and grow our collective impact.

Catalysts & Contributors: Steve Dewart, Laura Gates, Nancy Larocca Hedley, Belinda Liu

Steve Dewart is an organizational consultant, strategist, and leadership coach, with over fifteen years of experience providing mentorship and guidance to key leaders of Fortune 500 companies and startups, including Google… LEARN MORE

Laura Gates has over 20 years experience coaching and training leaders at such organizations as NASA, the Navy, Shell Oil, M+T Bank and Lexis Nexus as well as start-up venture backed… LEARN MORE

Nancy Larocca Hedley is a Professional Certified Coach and the founder of Crescent Coaching.  As an executive coach and workshop facilitator, she is passionate about enhancing leadership, teamwork, and… LEARN MORE

Belinda Liu is a teacher, connector, creator and explorer. For over a decade, she worked tirelessly in the urban public education system to create thriving environments for students to learn and teachers to….LEARN MORE

Pathway VIII

Embracing Wellness – A Passageway to Wholeness

If we allow ourselves to deplete to being empty cups, we have nothing left to pour out to others. Wisdompreneurs, like entrepreneurs and those who love to give of themselves for the success of others, can easily into the age-old pitfall of burn-out, fatigue, and falling sick while working beyond their capacity. As Wisdompreneurs living a life of wellbeing is essential to being in alignment with that which we hope to bring into the world for others. How does attention toward wellness and wellbeing serve as a vital foundation for effective business that evolves our understanding of the bottom line to include a life well lived?   We endeavor to model what is possible in this new paradigm, it is essential that this model includes their own health, vitality, and wellbeing. Catalysts & Contributors: Marilyn Jaeger and Lisa Rueff

Marilyn Jaeger is widely known as the Bay Area’s master esthetician, bringing bold, beautiful brows back to the bay. Throughout her 18+ year career, Marilyn has founded… LEARN MORE

Lisa Rueff is a enthusiastic entrepreneur who loves creating ways to empower, celebrate and connect people to their purpose and passions. Lisa is currently developing a board game focusing on igniting purpose and potential in the players, and will be launching… LEARN MORE

Pathway IX (No longer Available)

Depth to Expression – Accessing, Utilizing and Implementing Inner Wisdom

Who are you? What are our deepest desires and yearnings? What are the unique gifts that only you bring to the planet? What essential parts of you have been lost or buried along the journey? What do you work hardest at? What you avoid? Does your life today reflect what most important to you? In a dynamic daylong process utilizing inner work, paired sharing and group work we look deeply at the forces moving us through life. We will develop the skills of receptivity and inner listening needed to create alignment of Body, Mind and Spirit. This is a chance to reconnect with your inner world and reset how you show up in the world. Some extra info from our power point: Our greatest power, deepest intelligence, and truest inertia emanate from within – attuning to these places of inner awareness is not only our most important journey but also unleashes our most valuable resources. Highlight, support, and model attention towards the Wisdompreneurs inward process. If we cannot resolve our inward unrest, how can we ever find peace? We support work to discover, choose, and align with our true purpose, are we utilizing our potential to its fullest. If we have not stepped into the fullness of our truth and wisdom, is it likely our actions, ventures, leadership are ill founded on our own internal habits and patterns.


Justin Hilton lives in San Francisco, California with his husband of 12 years, collaborating with non-profit groups in India on LGBT and Women’s rights. He is a designer and writer dedicated to supporting… LEARN MORE

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Please visit our Catalysts and Contributors page to view the additional Facilitators, Presenters, Guides and Hosts for SHIFT2016’s Wednesday and Thursday events.

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Wisdom 2.0 Conference

A new economy is emerging: a convergence of human awakening within an era of unprecedented innovation.

In the face of humanity’s greatest challenges, new genres of wisdom practitioners & entrepreneurs are emerging to catalyze, facilitate, midwife, and sustain this needed transformation.

You are here, which means you are already part of this movement in some way.

We invite you to join us at Shift2016 as a Wisdompreneur –  together, let’s shift the paradigm – FOR REAL.

Choose from several powerful opportunities designed to awaken & inspire our creative hopeful awareness while simultaneously and actively engaging needed areas for evolution & shift. Including concrete opportunities for community & network building alongside events and intensives that focus on the practical application of practices and skills.






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